Hotel Flowers Reimagined

The Hotel Florist offers a personalized design service to luxury hospitality and corporate brands, providing a bespoke annual turnkey floral program, aimed to marry brand impact with bottom line.

My Process

1. Initial Consultation Call

Where we will determine the turn-key floral solutions required for your property/brand as well as budget and annual goals for your hotel florals.

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2. Proposal

Within a week, I will submit a floral proposal for sign off. The proposal will include the proposed style of flower design, overall cost and logistics required to execute.

3. Contract

The contract will outline everything we've agreed upon in the Proposal including scope of work, completion date and the number of hours it will take us to design your turn key floral solution. Anything outside of our contract will be an additional invoice including the number of hours it took to complete the task, charging a flat $125 hourly rate.

4. Annual Design Brief

Once the contract is signed and the 50% deposit is received, your custom annual floral and botanical design brief is submitted by the agreed completion date. We only focus on a few clients a month so booking in advance is recommended to meet your timing deadline.

5. Recap

As your turnkey floral provider, we specialize in the vision and budget creation (if required), flower sourcing and hiring the right florists to execute your design brief. Every client has individual needs and therefore each design brief is custom to you.

Imagine 52-weeks of custom floral designs specifically designed for your hotel brand. Each Floral Design Brief is bespoke and authentic to the hotel property itself, keeping in mind seasonality, availability, and ultimate staying within your budget. Our team of vetted seasoned florists and flower designers will ensure that your vision is executed flawlessly weekly.