Are you ready to grow your floral design business and work with luxury hotels?

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Hotels can be very intimidating, especially well-known luxury brands. So who do you need to reach out to when it comes to marketing your floral design services? 


This free guide will take the mystery out of landing hotel partnerships so you can start growing your floral business today.

Here's what you'll learn in this free guide:

  • Who to reach out to

  • How to find the right contact information

  • When to email and when to pick up the phone

  • How to nurture the relationship

  • Ways to use social media to attract hotels to you. 

to help you  
grow your floral business


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You will be able to access this game-changing digital guide:

If you are ready to pivot in your floral business and boost your profits by securing hotel floral contracts then this guide is for you. 

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Here's what you'll learn in this guide:

  • How to transition your floral business to begin
    working with hotels

  • How to do your research before pitching

  • Best Tactics for getting a meeting 

  • What to say that will make you stand out

  • Real-life examples of problems to solve for the hotel 

  • Best Practices for following up

  • Lessons I have learned while pitching 

  • How to perfect your pitch 

  • My top tips for upping your pitch game.

Is Your Hotel Contract Protecting You Legally?

In this free 10-page guide you will learn:

Why it's so important when working with hotels to have a contract that protects you legally. 

5 must-have clauses to include in your hotel contracts.

How to avoid language mistakes in your contracts that could leave you liable

My Exact Hotel Contract Template

This hotel contract template will help you avoid the pitfalls of a generic template and with a slight modification, will work seamlessly for your hotel floral business

This template is the exact document I use for all of my hotel clients and is what helps me sleep at night knowing my business and partnership with them is guaranteed.

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