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Is Your Hotel Contract Protecting You Legally?

In this free 10 page guide you will learn:

Why it's so important when working with hotels to have a contract that protects you legally. 

5 must-have clauses to include in your hotel contracts.

How to avoid language mistakes in your contracts that could leave you liable


A year into my business I started to realize that the generic contract templates I downloaded from free websites probably weren't protecting me or my business as much as I pretended they did.

So I put my big girl panties on one day and I hired a lawyer to proofread and modify my contract to ensure I was protecting what a) I was working so hard to build and b) my clients who were trusting and investing in my services.  

A legal contract is mandatory when it comes to securing hotel partnerships. Not only does it make your business (and you) look professional, it also ensures that there is a clear outline as to what each party has committed to.

Having a contract ensures the success of your business and your relationship with your client.  

That's why I've created this short guide to help you know what you should include in your hotel contracts to protect yourself legally.