The only way to change your life in a big way is to get out of your comfort zone - true or false?

We've all heard the quote "change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This is the secret sauce of success. Here's the thing, we can't change our circumstances, whether previously, presently or in the future. Circumstances, well, just are situations we find ourselves in. However, the one thing we can control are our thoughts. Thoughts influence our feelings which impact our actions and therefore our results. Results are what define our life, not circumstances.

So if we know that the only way to change our life is to get out of our comfort zone, why doesn't it feel more natural? Often times we know what we need to do but we're paralyzed with fear. And 99% of the time it has to do with the fear of losing/not having enough/missing out

This is just a reminder that our brain likes to keep us safe and gives us subconsciously certain parameters to hit in order for it "to make sense". But those feelings aren't facts. And then our conscious gets confused. The money always comes when you are in alignment. Stop letting that stop you from making big change in your life.

As you leave your comfort zone, it's time to give yourself the permission to have another metric of success. When you're outside your comfort zone, you're going to do bigger things than you could ever imagine. Changing your life in a big way. Whether that's a relationship, location your based and/or pivoting in your career. Let it unfold. Everything is happening for you. You have these desires for a reason that come with big change. It's time to share that with the world and you have to leave that comfort zone to make that happen.

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