Top 5 Holiday Decorating Tips

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Holiday decorating is fun and super forgiving when it comes to designs. Here are my Top 5 Holiday Decorating Tips to help you stop overanalyzing and execute your design flawlessly.

1. Focus on monochromatic color schemes. This will uplift any design to feel more chic. 2. If using the same color pallet, ie. gold, mix up the size of ornaments and their textures. This will avoid the design looking too flat. 3. When selecting ribbon, always stay within the same color family but mix up the textures (smooth, glitter, sheer, satin, velvet). The eye has a lot easier time when it understands everything that’s going on in a seamless way).

4. When placing ornaments, use an assortment of sizes. Place large ones first to set the foundation of your design and have the smaller ones fill in the gaps. When placing your ornaments, don’t forget to start in the back of the tree near the base. This creates dimension and depth vs. having all the ornaments hanging on the tips of the branches. 5. Be creative! When we mentioned a 12' flocked long pine needle tree and multiple 9' flocked trees, we had blanks stares. However getting outside your comfort zone and creating your own magical Christmas installation is what makes the whole process more fun!

Massive thank you to the C. Baldwin Hotel for trusting our vision and bringing their downtown hotel to life with the Christmas spirit.

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