Three Destinations To Get You In The Holiday Mood!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Whether you're planning on spending the holiday season cuddled up on your couch or utilizing some PTO for last minute traveling, these destinations are sure to get you in the festive mood!

Markets, Markets Everywhere

Nothing shouts "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" quite like a German Christmas Market! German Christmas markets have an ancient history and are full of all the holiday cheer your traveling heart could desire. Town squares across Germany fill with pop up booths selling ornaments, mulled wine, and sausages in the lead up to Christmas. There are many to choose from. Wherever you are in Germany, if it's December your guaranteed to be no more than a town away from a classic German Christmas Market. Check out two of my recommendations below if you can!

  • Christkindlesmarkt, Nuremberg For a market ancient and full of tradition check out Christkindlesmarkt (Christ Child Market) in Nuremberg. Dating back to the 17th century this Christmas market pulls out all the stops. Opening at the start of the Advent it runs right up until Christmas Eve. Be sure to check out the booths selling specialty goods from the Franconian region. photo shared by @deutschland_de

  • Berlin Christmas Markets Berlin offers several Christmas Markets for locals and travels alike to explore throughout the holiday season. These markets are as wide-ranging and diverse as the city of Berlin, embracing multiculturalism and environmental sustainability. A long-running favorite is the Lucia Christmas Market. Celebrating the Scandinavian influences on German traditions you will hear plenty of traditional Nordic songs as well as tasting Nordic foods such as elk bratwurst.

Ballet All Day

photo shared by @operanationalabucuresti

If there is anything in this world that can recall childhood holiday nostalgia it's the Nutcracker. If you're seeing a local theater production or watching a performance on a national stage chances are you're as filled with wonder as the last time you saw it. The Nutcracker performed at the Bucharest National Opera House in Bucharest, Romania is one of the most beautiful displays of ballet you will see this holiday season. It will warm your soul as goosebumps spread across your arms. A true feat of the majestic beauty of dance and an embodiment of the holiday spirit.

photo shared by @operanationalabucuresti

Winter Wonderland

Photo shared by @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort

If your idea of a festive holiday getaway features more snow and outdoor adventuring and less tinsel and caroling the Finland is the place for you. It is a winter wonderland and the true snowy outdoors man's delight! Lapland is full of natural wonder, from northern lights to herds of reindeer and snow capped trees. You will find all the holiday magic our natural world can muster.

The Aurora or the Northern Lights is arguably one of the most spectacular displays of magic on this earth. Yes it's a scientifically explained phenomenon involving charged particles, electrons, atoms, and photons but science by another name is magic ;)

Head to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort for all the ultimate winter wonderland. Stay in a beautiful glass igloo. Perfectly appointed for stargazing and allowing the beauty of the northern lights to wash over you at night. Photo shared by @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort

To really get into the holiday spirit take on of their reindeer sleigh rides. I mean come on! REINDEER SLEIGH RIDE. If that doesn't get you in the festive mood then I don't know what will! For those seeking a little more adventure this holiday season they also offer ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and even snow tank safaris among many other winter activities. I'll take Photo shared by @kakslauttanen_arctic_resort the reindeer sleigh ride.

Whether you're traversing the globe in search of the northern lights or heading to your nearest Christmas market I hope this holiday season brings you joy and good tidings!

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