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A Step-by-Step Guide on Productivity Improvement by Batch Working Content

Instead of working on multiple projects or tasks at once, focus on productivity improvement by batch working.

There are a lot of small pieces and many working parts when it comes to starting, designing, and marketing a new business, and as the tasks keep mounting and your to-do list grows longer, it can become overwhelming and quickly lead to burn out. However, productivity improvement by batch working content is definitely a game-changer. One of the topics I address in-depth in my FREE How to Design a Business Masterclass is the idea of context switching and how it leads to a lot of half-built bridges and low productivity. Instead of working on multiple projects or tasks at once, focus on productivity improvement by batch working. What’s batch working you may ask? Good question! It’s a new productivity improvement tool I learned about only a few years ago. However, once I learned more and implemented batch working in my businesses, my productivity improvement increased by at least 50%.

Batch working involves grouping similar tasks together and completing those tasks in the same allotted time to avoid switching back and forth (context switching) between the tasks, therefore making it easier to accomplish whole tasks (or build a complete bridge as I say in my no cost masterclass also outlining other productivity improvement hacks).

Here is how to increase productivity improvement through batch work in the three most time-consuming areas of your business:

  1. Social Media Posts:

  2. Choose a day on your calendar and block an allotted amount of time where you are going to shoot/collect all the photos.

  3. Next, determine a block of time monthly where you can sit down uninterrupted and write the captions for all the photos for the next month.

  4. Finally, schedule all the posts in a scheduling app (I personally use LATER and love it because it posts for me). Your social media posts for the next month are now done!

  5. Blog Posts:

  6. I publish a blog post every week, so I typically reserve a block of time on the last Friday of the month to sit down and research topics, collect content and write 4-5 blog posts for the following month.

  7. Once the blog posts are written, I open up Canva (a free graphic design tool) and create multiple pins using templates I have already created (4-5 designs) for each blog post.

  8. I then open up Tailwind (a paid Pinterest scheduler) and upload to drafts all the pin for the blog posts, write keyword-rich pin descriptions for each pin, choose the date when I want them to publish (corresponding to the date they published on my blog), schedule the pins to multiple Pinterest boards, and then schedule all the drafts.

  9. Now my blog posts are completely done for the next month. And I can record a quick 5-minute IGTV blog recap which I publish to Instagram every Monday.

  10. Operations Tasks:

  11. Begin by writing down all your tasks on a typical day (I recommend book-ending your days, meaning give yourself sometime in the morning and evening for your own personal routine), then Start with your high-level priorities.

  12. You can set short and long stretch blocks depending on what you intend to tackle. For example, I would set aside a 1-hour block where I answer/send emails, reply to messages on social media, etc.. and then set a long stretch time block where I am working on a specific project.

  13. In these time blocks, I only do the tasks I’ve reserved to batch work for that allotted time. This helps to stay focused, accomplish more without being distracted, and at the end of the productive day, I can unwind and relax and not stress about business-related tasks and feel good about productivity improvement.

Batch working is a key way for productivity improvement. This has made all the difference in my business and it’s why I have a 25+page guide on CREATIVE CONTENT = CONSISTENT CASH as part of my Lifestyle You Love Business System. If you have been looking for more hacks for productivity improvement, once enrolled, you will have immediate access to this guide to learn more!

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