Overcoming Self-Doubt: What To Do When You Freeze and How to Confront It

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The first thing you need to understand is that our self-doubts are traitors. They are those fearful and very persuasive thoughts in our heads that try to tear us down and keep us from pursuing any business venture that involves any sort of risk —which is every business venture. So, therefore, our self-doubts have a way of keeping us from the good that we could achieve, by fearing to even attempt. So what do we do about self-doubts especially when it comes to starting a business? We have to think objectively. Just because we can image a whole lot of things that could go wrong, doesn’t mean that they will go wrong. Why do we automatically believe the worst possible outcome will come true? Start asking yourself, when was the last time you ever let yourself down? When was the last time you didn’t show up for yourself? When was the last time you ever really failed yourself? Chances are you haven’t failed yourself miserably, so why would you start in your business? Think of it this way, you wouldn't have children and then not mother them —not follow through with parenting. You have to think of business almost like having children. You might start your business and it might not go how you want it to and you might be disappointed, but you're not going to let yourself down and you're not going to fail miserably and no longer be an entrepreneur. You're going to come up with solutions to your problems, you’re going to make it.

Sometimes our self-doubts creep in because we feel like we don’t have any support. We don’t have a marketing team behind us, we don’t have the perfect social media image or someone to help with social media. In these situations, we have to be our number one supporter, and that’s scary because we don’t have anyone to lean on or blame if something goes wrong. For me, I grew up not having a support system, so I understand how hard that is, but I also felt like I had nothing to lose.

It’s important here to remember that whether you start promoting that you sell this product today or you don't, you will not lose anything in your life as far as survival. You won't lose your family, you won't lose your house. You won't lose your life — I know that’s really dramatic, but once you put it in perspective, you will see that you have everything to gain because maybe a lot of people don't know you do this or sell that, or that you even want to do this.

Please know this; self-doubt is a very real thing and it never really "goes away" and no one "really has it figured out". However by knowing when it's happening and knowing how to navigate those feelings (because remember, feelings are not facts) you will feel more empowered to finally design a business that gives you the lifestyle that you love.

Franceska x

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