National Bathtub Party Day!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Light a candle and pop some bubbly because it’s National Bathtub Party day! Oh, and don’t forget your camera. You know, for that all important insta shot. In honor of Bathtub Party Day I’m taking a look at social media influencers and how the “bath tub shot” has blown up. Influencers take us everywhere from their favorite restaurant to the most intimate of places, their bath tubs. In honor of this all important day sit back, relax, and check out some of the hottest bathtub trends blowing up your feed.

The Flower Bath

If you’re scrolling along, it probably won't take long until you see one of the now iconic flower bath photos. The pictures generally consist of one or two people in the center of a large bathtub staring pensively out at their jungle surroundings. What makes these photos so unique and jaw-dropping is the pillowy bed of flowers floating atop the water. The petals are vibrant and the pictures are stunning. They are very popular with travel influencers, particularly those traveling in and around Indonesia.

A quick search of #flowerbath and you will be presented with a floral feast for your visual consumption. As a florist I can’t help but admire the beauty and undeniable effort that goes into these luscious bath time creations. While the flower baths are wondrous to behold I would like to add one note of caution. It can be very difficult if not impossible to know where these flowers are sourced from and how they were grown. It is not uncommon for flowers to have a multitude of different pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides used on them as they are grown. These chemicals will wash off into the water and soak into your skin. If you’re looking for

Photo shared by @sammcclendon

that beautiful floral aroma to take you away and lay you down in a field of flowers I would advise going with your favorite bath oil, anything from lavender to rose will do the trick. It doesn't provide the impressive visual but is much better for your body, smells fantastic and will leave your skin feeling baby soft.

Milk Bath for the Belly

If any of the influencers you follow are also mamas to be chances are you've seen a photo of them in a beautiful milk bath. They are increasingly popular for their legendary moisturizing properties. Milk baths have been around for centuries, coming in and out of fashion and originally made famous by the queen of all queens, Cleopatra. Once reserved for the wealthy and elite, it was the ultimate indulgence.

More recently they have come back into fashion for women rocking a bump because it truly is moisturizing and every mama knows extra hydration for your skin during pregnancy can help reduce stretch marks as well as the dryness and itchiness that can come with them. Anyone can take a milk bath but if you're pregnant be sure to keep the water warm, not hot, (think body temp *98 degrees) and don't soak for longer than ten minutes. All it takes is a cup or two of whole milk mixed into your bath and you'll be soaking like the queen you are.

Photo shared by @shanyaraleonie

Think Honey, Honey

Honey always has been and always will be in fashion. There is something incredibly satisfying about its thick viscous pour, whether on your morning toast or right on your skin you can never go wrong with honey. For the purposes of this discussion I am of course talking about a honey bath. I'm sure you're sensing a theme by now, beyond being visually pleasing for the gram, say it with me now, M-O-I-S-T-U-R-I-Z-I-N-G!

Photo shared by @anacruzcool

Honey is natures very own miracle serum. From being incredibly moisturizing to having anti-aging properties, there are very few things honey doesn't do. It is a natural humectant, which means it helps with moisture retention. It's great not only for your skin but for your hair as well, so don't be afraid to dunk those beautiful locks in this bath time elixir. Honey is also a natural anti-bacterial so it will help with the healing of any shallow wounds or cuts. Along with it's anti-bacterial properties it is also an anti-inflamatory so while it moisturizes your skin and shines your hair it will help to calm and soothe any skin irritations and blemishes. Mix one or two table spoons with hot water and add it to your bath. Honey makes a great addition to your milk bath if you're searching for the pinnacle of bathing luxury.

Accessories, They're for Baths Too

Of all the beautiful bathing photos littering my Instagram right now nothing, and I mean nothing has given me more bath time envy than those spectacular shots of bath trays. The ultimate bath time accessory for every woman on the go who needs to get things done but in a bath. In fact if I were really on top of my game I would be writing this post from the bath, something I desperately wish I were doing but am not because I am sans one bath tray. These gems will hold everything from your book to your glass of wine to your tablet. All the extras you wish you had at the tip of your fingers half-way through a soothing soak would be accessible with a bath tray. Feel like adding more honey, more milk, more oils? You could if they were sitting there on your bath tray. Thank goodness the holidays are around the corner, am I right?

Bathe on my bath taking beauties, this day is for you!

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