Keeping Yourself Boxed Up?

I no longer feel the need to put myself in a box so people can “get me” easier.

In September 2012, I remember standing in front of my closet in my Dubai apartment feeling so confused. “What on earth was I going to wear?”

It was my first day as an entrepreneur meaning I had left my corporate job the day before, where I knew exactly what to wear every day. This was just the first of million questions I asked myself on this entrepreneurial journey.

Instead of asking myself what I wanted to wear, I turned to my husband and asked him what I should wear. To which he replied, “whatever you want.”

This new sense of freedom felt so weird and foreign to me. What if I mess up and wear the wrong thing and people don’t take me seriously? What if I write that email incorrectly and someone sees “straight through me”? Dreading another social get together where the first thing people ask is, what do you do?! And then explaining what you do but not “fitting in a box” so people don’t really “get it”.

I was so worried that nobody would “get me” that I didn’t “get myself.” And sometimes I would miss “the box” that we all have comfortably been in at some point, because I felt it made things easier.

Until one day I decided, I didn’t need a box to make “myself easier” for people. That my people were out there wanting what I was providing. And I could show up however I wanted to that. But it didn’t mean the process couldn’t be easy.

So I’m here today to remind you, if you’re putting yourself in a box so you can be “easier” for people to like you, accept you, buy from you, invest in you - you aren’t being easier for yourself.

You don’t need to be easy. You need to be f*cking brilliant. That may not be easy for some to receive but it will be ridiculously easy for you to give.

Forget the box. Break that thing down and throw it away. The universe is your box ✨📦

Sending you a big virtual hug today 🥰 Share this if you feel someone else can benefit from this reminder ♥️

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