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How to Reinvent Yourself and Brand for Career and Business Changes

Reinvent yourself

As a business owner, you will never stop evolving. Your business will change as you change and at some point, you will need to reinvent yourself and brand for these changes. When I first started Franzie's Flower Design my focus was on event florals and holiday decor, but as the business grew and my lifestyle desires changed, I realized that working exclusively with corporate and hotel clients were 1) more lucrative, and 2) supported the lifestyle I wanted (i.e. working less, making more). Thus The Hotel Florist was born, offering turn-key floral solutions for luxury hotels and high-end brands. There were the aesthetic things that had to change first, such as logo, fonts, brand colors, new website, changing my Instagram handle. Then came the more specific areas such as brand messaging, offerings, legal contracts, and accounts. And finally, perhaps one of the hardest parts, overcoming imposter syndrome and fully standing behind and embracing my new brand identity. At the end of this transition, myself as a business owner and my business were completely re-invented. If you are struggling right now with your current business offerings and feel like you want to transition your business so that it supports what you currently want in life, then doing these 3 things will help you reinvent yourself and business. 1. Journal every day Start journaling everyday “I really enjoy doing x” and then expand upon that. Too often we get caught up in “my previous experience is x” or “I went to school for x” and never really allow time or space to reflect on what it is that we truly enjoy doing. Not sure what brings you joy? That’s okay! Unfortunately, we are not programmed to make this a priority as we grow older. The good news is that you can still totally tap into this by listening to your gut. Start asking yourself why you do certain things and don’t stop questioning the answers until you forget what the original question was. If something doesn’t feel right or you are simply doing it out of habit, try to step out of that routine for a bit and see if you miss it or if you start trying new things. The passions are there. We just sometimes have to create a safe space for them to return again.

2. Determine What You Enjoy Once you determine what you enjoy, start thinking about how you can incorporate more of it into your life and how you can help others by sharing what you have learned so far along your journey. Begin exploring all the possibilities when it comes to implementing these passions into your career and or business. Start with what you know and then dive deeper into that particular segment. For example, if you enjoy helping people become the best versions of themselves and find people asking you for guidance consider being a life coach. However, life coach is broad so start researching down and maybe you’ll settle on pursuing how to be a mindset coach and/or a psychic intuitive. Or maybe you really enjoy baking, instead of opening up a storefront bakery what if you considered offering a monthly subscription or “Treat box” to local businesses for their employees to enjoy.

3. Tackle Your Mindset Once you have discovered what you enjoy and learned how you can monetize it now it’s time to step into your future role. Begin with changing your mindset, the way you communicate, and the image of yourself that you are portraying not only to others but to yourself as well. It takes about 30 days of consistently putting in the work to build a solid foundation for your new identity. Also, be rest assured that pivoting and evolution are natural progressions for humans determining who they are and what they want to do with their life. As you rebrand there may be times where you experience imposter syndrome however knowing the solutions you provide and your overall mission, will help you counter it when communicating in your new role.

The rebranding process doesn’t have to be difficult, where we get hung up most is often on steps two and three, but it’s step one that is going to help you break through all the mental blocks. Writing and journaling your thoughts, desires, and ideas is so important for the rebranding process, you never know what will come out of you when the pen hits the page. Skeptical?! Give it a try for 21 says straight and then decide.

If you would like to explore this idea more, I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help you gain more clarity and create actionable steps to make your business (or business idea) support your dream lifestyle. Schedule a 60-minute discovery call with me here.

Franceska x

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