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How to Get Clients Now For Your Business

Get Clients Now

Can you really make enough money from this business (or business idea) to support your family? This may be one of the questions taking up space in your mind right now as you look around at the current economic climate. The answer to this question is yes. As we evaluate how to use the rest of 2020 to move forward with our business goals, one thing is clear, we’re all starting from scratch. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur the question remains the same, “how do you get clients now and grow your client list”. These 5 tips are what I do to find and secure new clients for my businesses and how I grew those businesses to six-figures. It’s not some complex secret recipe, it’s an actionable and practical step-by-step process that will help you get clients now for your business.

1. Determine who you serve and how you serve them First and foremost, it is time to hunker down and get as clear as possible on who you serve and how you serve them. This is called your elevator pitch and you will be saying this so many times it will keep repeating itself in your sleep. Once you determine who and the how, consider the why. What are these future client’s deepest desires and biggest pain points that you are going to transform via your product or service? Start your tangible transformation with “I help IDENTITY achieve DEEPEST DESIRE without BIGGEST PAIN POINT. Next, it is time to start generating your net worth through your network which brings me to my second tip; 2. Tap into your network It’s time to now tap into your network. We all have one and what they say is true, your network is your net worth. This is the start of your “cold calling” but with warm leads because these people personally know and trust you and what you can offer. Even though people in your network might not be your ideal client, they can introduce you to their network who may be. It’s also great practice and a confidence-building exercise to pitch your product/service to those closest to you before you start pitching cold leads. Your first sale should happen through your network, giving you the confidence boost and client testimonial you’ll need for your ideal client outside of this group.

3. Make a list of clients you want to work with My third tip is to start making a list of all the ideal clients you would like to work with and then create a client goal and a revenue goal. Make these two goals your top priority moving forward when accepting networking events, guest appearances, features, and even down to how you communicate on social media. By having these goals you will inevitably build a new list of clients and work with your ideal client in no time.

4. Pick up the phone Now it’s time to call. Email marketing, social media ads, and showing up to Instagram can only do so much in some businesses. I have found I have been able to secure my best clients by simply picking up the phone. I knew if I made 100 calls, I would get at least 10 clients interested and sign at least 1 client. That was the worst-case scenario. At the same time, you are building up a list of those who can’t use your services presently but maybe in the future would be open to them.

5. Understand that rejection will happen Last but not least, let’s talk about rejection. Building a client list can be disheartening at times because of rejection. Remember that a no doesn’t always mean no. It could just mean “not right now”. Soon you will be more focused on the clients you are securing vs the clients who have declined your offer. Also, remember that some of these potential clients were never going to work with you in the first place, and by them rejecting your offer, you are creating space for the right client for you.

Implement these tips into your business and get clients now. Start figuring out who you want to serve and what you offer, write that list of clients you want to work with, pick up that phone, put in the work, and watch your client list grow. The year isn’t over yet, you can still make a lot of magic happen within your business. You got this! Franceska x P.S. Want to work with me on your business? I offer 60-minute discovery calls where we will go through your business (or idea), gain more clarity, and create actionable steps that you can do right away. Book your call here.

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