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How to Gain Business Confidence and Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt

Business Confidence

It’s been done too many times before, it’s not original. The market is oversaturated with people doing the same thing as me. Who I am anyways? What do I even know about starting a business in this niche? We’ve struggled with business confidence and have had these thoughts taking up mental real estate in our heads at one point or another, and if you didn’t know already those thoughts have a name: Imposter Syndrome. What is imposter syndrome exactly? Wikipedia defines it as “a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments or talents and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud".” Zencare list symptoms such as:

  1. Extreme lack of self-confidence

  2. Feelings of inadequacy

  3. Constant comparison to other people

  4. Anxiety

  5. Self-doubt

  6. Distrust in one’s own intuition and capabilities

  7. Negative self-talk

  8. Dwelling on the past

  9. Irrational fears of the future

So now that we know what is actually causing these underlying feelings that are keeping us stuck and how the symptoms manifest their way in our lives, let’s talk about competition. If none of us did anything simply because of the fact that we were “late to the party” and it had already been done, we would never discover new things nor disrupt industries for better. The main thing to remember is that no one is you and that is what 1) sets you apart and 2) ensures your success. Your passion, experience, personality, and drive cannot be copied. If you are called to share then this calling is there for a reason and is meant to be explored so it can be shared to its maximum potential. If there are other successful people in this field that means 1) it successfully can be done and 2) there is a demand for what you are selling.

So how can we become unstuck and feel worthy that our success is inevitable by going after what truly sets our soul on fire? First and foremost, keep your blinders on and stop comparing yourself to others. That means unfollowing and cutting out the noise. You create those boundaries which will set you up for success. Not only will you stop comparing yourself to other “competitors” but you will also create authentic work that only you will be known for. It’s only natural that the more we consume the less authentic we become because we are influenced. Secondly, write out key takeaways from your story and the unique solution you can provide to your clients because of it. This will give you 1) the reassurance you actually do know what you're doing and 2) the confidence that your ideal customer is going to buy from you. For example, maybe part of your story is that you have just experienced the death of a loved one and now you are finding your way through your healing journey through different sets of cultural eyes. You, therefore, offer travel blogging/vlogging for those who are looking towards travel to heal their heartache. By staying authentic to your destination and remembering how you can serve those by doing so, you will find the wind in your sails to move forward with your business idea in no time.

Your business confidence will grow as you put your blinders on, focus on what you have to uniquely offer, and pursue your business idea with full passion and dedication. You are called to be in this space, there is room for you, and more importantly, this world needs you and what you, and you alone can bring to the table. Franceska x

P.S. Because we all need a little help getting there I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we will go through your business (or business idea) and create an actionable strategy for you to accomplish your business goals. Book your discovery call here.

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