How Florals Impact Your Guests

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some luxury hotels have guests that never want to leave while others with the same amenities in nearby locations practically have to beg guests to stay? No, it’s not the thread count, paint colors, or room layouts working against them. It’s not even the customer service, though that does set apart brand leaders. The key is knowing how to design a show-stopping arrival experience—complete with florals—that immediately stops your guests in their tracks while simultaneously directing them where to go.

As an international flower designer providing turnkey floral solutions for luxury brands, including the JW Marriott, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Hilton Hotels, and more, I provide valuable insight on how luxury hotel brands can avoid costly mistakes by making a few changes to their guest's arrival experience. When considering your hotel florals, remember to keep these three things in mind.

1. Scale

First off, if the budget is limited, don't skimp and try and stretch it over the hotel. Pick a high trafficked area that really could use a WOW-Factor. Put all your budget here as then you can really design to scale. For example, have a large blank wall behind the front desk? Great, let us install a 15ft display full of flowering branches and flowers bunched in mass. When your guests arrive to check in, this will highly impact their arrival experience in a positive way. It will not only impress them on check-in, setting the tone on their stay expectation but also solidify their stay experience at check out, that this was in fact, worth the money they spent.

2. Design

If the brand standards are, for example, "modern", "organic", "luxury" and or "earth elements" then ensure the floral designs are reinforcing these standards. The hotel's floral designs should be solidifying what the brand stands for to its in-house guest. At the end of the day, this is the message that was sold to them when they chose this brand/property over its competition and it's what they have come to expect during their stay. Ensure that the floral designs are carrying out this branding message cohesively and not confusing guests, which could lead to a decrease in brand loyalty.

3. Space

Remember that flowers can transform space. Don't believe me? Pick up any magazine, specifically a home decor and/or interior design. Start flipping the pages and you'll notice there are flowers and/or a plant in every room. Now place your thumb over the flower arrangement or potted plant. What happens to the feel of the room? It completely changes. That shows you the power of how flowers can transform space. Often they even define space. It's because as humans, our eyes are drawn to a focal point. Flowers and or plants define areas in a room and communicate sensory details such as texture, color, smell and or depth. As much as flowers can transform space, they can for the better by enhancing or for the worse by taking away or overpowering. Ensure that your floral designs compliment and enhance the space you're wishing to add value to.

I believe in these benefits so much that when I am working with my clients on their turn key floral solutions, I show them exactly how they can achieve maximizing not only the guest impact but their bottom line as well. Think of it like a business-led approach to all the pretty things. To learn more on how to work with me, click here.

To learn how your floral design business could partner with luxury hotels, click here.

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