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For Hotels & Brands First Impressions are the Most Lasting Thing

How much money could companies save or how much money could be efficiently used when it comes to floral design, especially on a large scale, if a floral consultant had been consulted prior? I’ve walked into stores and hotels where clearly the floral arrangements were an afterthought and actually made the brand seem less appealing. I’ve also walked into stores that felt like I was walking into the stark white light of a hospital, bare of any florals. Stores may be experts in fine jewelry and leather goods but that doesn’t mean they are an expert in florals and how the floral arrangements impact space. Hiring a floral consultant ensures a cohesive voice relating to brand standards as well as the actual space which needs to add impact to the overall look and feel.

While the hotel/brand is my client, I focus first and foremost on what they want to communicate to their guests. Therefore the guest is my priority and that’s who I design for. The guest’s arrival experience is not something you get a second chance on. We've all heard the quote, "First impressions are the most lasting." by PROVERBS. As humans, we have a level of expectation when we are traveling and especially when investing in luxury hotels. It's a sense of exclusivity and for a moment in time, a way to elevate the everyday. Therefore, when a guest enters the hotel, especially the arrival experience in the lobby, it needs to be nothing short of a WOW moment.

That is an impression that they won't forget and will make them easily look the other way when minor disappointments in service or amenity offerings are experienced throughout their stay. This goes for corporate luxury brands as well. The first impression of a storefront should invoke feelings of luxury and tasteful decor. Many times I hear the guests and customers chatting amongst themselves, "do you think those are real?" or, "how do you think they got them to stay like that?", or my personal favorite, "have you ever seen anything like this?!". When you're considering hiring a floral consultant, ensure they have your guest’s/customer’s experience and first impression at heart because then your mission is easily achieved. Today, Monday, October 26 at 12 PM CST I am hosting a FREE training for floral designers on how to gain hotel partnerships with your floral design business. Sign up here to get the zoom link! See you in the class.

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