5 Ways to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Are you wondering why you’re not seeing that exponential growth? Are you pouring a lot of time and money into a business and not getting the desired results or income you expected? Or maybe you haven’t even started yet and are wondering what are some useful things to keep in mind? Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, these five tips will help you grow your business exponentially.

1. Don’t Try to Build Your Business On Your Own Trying to do everything on your own can quickly lead to a burn-out. You may think you are saving money, but in reality, you are slowing down your growth by focusing on tasks that you could easily outsource instead of the tasks that are going to make your business profitable. One of the best investments you can make is in a Virtual Assistant - having someone to delegate tasks to will free up more of your time and let you focus on the parts of your business that really need you is going to take your business farther and faster than if you tried to do it on your own. 2. Show Up Consistently I don’t think I can stress this enough, showing up consistently is a key component of exponential growth. So how do you do it? Plan it. Plan everything. In my business, I rely heavily on batch work and scheduling apps. Everything you see on my Instagram was planned the month before, even this blog you are reading now was written long before it was ever posted. By creating my content in batches I am able to free up so much of my time throughout the month to focus on other parts of my business. Another thing I do to help show up consistently is repurposing content. Every blog post is broken down in multiple social media posts and an IGTV recap, which is then posted to my Youtube channel. One piece of content has now been turned into 5-7 pieces of content. 3. Learn to Love Marketing

Sales funnels, email sequences, Facebook & Google ads, all those things can feel overwhelming at times, but they are a necessary part of marketing your product, offer, or service. So while it may be tempting to outsource all of this to a marketing agency, you generally end up with a generic sales funnel and emails that don’t really sound like you and that can create a disconnect with your audience. Marketing involves a lot of YOU, your brand, and finding ways to connect and serve your audience with your product/service/offer. So maybe instead of outsourcing, you hire a coach to help you with your marketing efforts. Also, if you have a hard time selling or feel like “You’re just not good at it” you may be dealing with mental roadblocks such as a money block (and there are many reasons for that) or lack of confidence in your product. All of those issues should be worked through, else you find all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

4. Manage Your Finances to Remain Profitable If you’ve any of my previous blog posts you know how passionate I am about keeping money in your business and practicing the profit first method. Not managing your money properly from the beginning could lead to a fiscal crisis at the end of the year. I made the mistake with one of my first businesses of not setting aside sales tax and when tax time came there was a huge debt I owed, I ended up having to borrow money from myself to pay it. Not a good idea. So I highly advocate that you organize your finances and set up 5 business accounts right from the beginning. Make sure you are paying yourself and reinvesting in your business to avoid a financial plateau. 5. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Fear is a very powerful force and has prevented many entrepreneurs and business owners from taking the necessary actions that they need to in order to obtain and sustain real growth. Maybe you are a little nervous to invest money right now because of the current economy, will you even get a return? Or maybe you are afraid of investing a lot of time and money into a project and not get the desired result or the income expected from it. Maybe you’re afraid of failing because you don’t want to disappoint people, or you’re afraid to fail because you don’t want to prove the nay-sayers right. What will people think of you if you go on social media and start marketing your products? You feel like an imposter at times… These are all valid and real fears that we all face. But I want to encourage you not to let them keep you from your full business potential. Here are a few blogs I’ve written specifically on this topic: How to Overcome the Fear of Judgement in Business Overcoming Self-Doubt: What To Do When You Freeze and How to Confront It How to Overcome the Fear of Failing in Business

One of the first things to check when your business growth seems to be painfully slow is yourself. Oftentimes we are the ones who are standing in the way of our own growth. By trying to do everything ourselves we create an overwhelm and burn-out, by not showing up consistently we create an unengaged audience, by using generic marketing efforts we aren’t attracting any new customers/clients, by not organizing our finances we are setting ourselves up for financial ruin, and by giving in to our fears we are constantly falling short of our potential.

It’s a combination of all these things that lead me to create a program designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs design a business that gives them the lifestyle they love in 90 days or less with fear of losing money. In the Lifestyle You Love Business System we tackle mindset, branding, marketing, PR, and Finances and so much more. The program not only includes a course but mentorship as well to ensure your success --as well as access to a transformative community of like-minded entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group. If you are serious about starting a business and don’t want to spend a fortune in time and money trying to do so, click here to learn more about the Lifestyle You Love Business System.

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