5 Ways to Convey The Worth of Your Product or Offer Through Your Brand

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The importance of branding goes deeper than logos, color pallets, and fonts. Though those things are important and will help your customers identify your brand, it’s your message and your offerings that are going to define your brand and create brand loyalty. Because you see, people aren’t loyal to a logo, they are loyal to a product that they believe in and trust. So how can you use your brand to convey the worth of your product or offer? Here are five ways to do this: 1. Create a Powerful Brand Message

Start by defining your values and what problem your product serves to solve, this is going to be your transformative mission statement. In one sentence your audience should be able to know what you do and why you do it. The challenge of creating your “mission statement’ is to both make yourself stand out from the crowd and appeal to your general audience. A well-written mission statement should be both appealing and influential as well as differentiate your product or offer from your competitors so that you stand out to potential buyers.

2. Build Authority

If you are just starting out in business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar or online, one of the greatest challenges is going to be convincing customers to buy your product or offer. One of the best ways you can create trust and build authority with potential buyers is to go and get yourself featured on a podcast. You can then put the link on your website or sales page “as seen on..” Another way is to do a guest blog post on a well-established blog site in your niche. If you run a brick-and-mortar business Facebook and Google reviews are going to be extremely important for building authority. But the same goes for online offers and products, testimonials are key for building trust and authority for your brand.

3. Create a Great Product

This should have to go without saying, but these days the market is saturated with mediocre products and offers that over promise and under deliver. How many of you have ever bought an online course that promised to solve your problem but the material was extremely vague, confusing, and not helpful at all? I know I have. Your product or offer does not have to be perfect, there’s room for growth and refining, but make sure whatever you are promising you are delivering upon. Your brand’s reputation depends on it. 4. Become an Expert

When I first started my floral design business, I felt like a little fish in a big pond...with a lot of other fish. I quickly learned that in order to not only stand out but to also convey the worth of my product, I needed to become an expert. This fueled me to take on bigger clients who were more demanding, to stop doing what everyone else was doing and pave my own way, eventually niching down to serve a specific market and type of client. I was able to be on my ideal client’s radar because I was considered an industry leader which provided the best solution on the market, all because I became an expert in my field. 5. Cultivate Relationships

It may seem like the most obvious tip however it is one of the hardest to actually practice for most business owners. Establishing and cultivating relationships both within and outside your organization is a key way of conveying your worth. Even if those outside your industry aren’t your ideal clients, vendors, or employees, everyone knows someone. And guess what, people like to work with people that other people have a relationship with. Think of it like a “warm” cold call. Get out, network, pitch, and start promoting what it is that you do and why you do it to an audience of humans for the sole purpose of creating a relationship and then further cultivating it. Warren Buffet said it perfectly, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

It can be very daunting and terrifying to not only create a business and product and/or service to sell from scratch but now to promote it and convey its worth, that can feel impossible. Remember these 5 ways to convey the worth of your product or offer through your brand and pick one you are most comfortable with. This is the first step in building brand awareness and identity outside of you.


Franceska x

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