3 Things an Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Do to Get Started

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

You’re tired of working that 9-5 grind and are ready to step out and start a business of your own but you’re not sure what your first steps should be? You’re getting a lot of advice from a lot of different sources, but what you really wish for is a clear blueprint that helps you take the first few steps! I’ve been an entrepreneur and serial business builder for over 8 years and here is what I believe are the 3 things an aspiring entrepreneur should do to get started: 1. Invest In Your Education “I just wish there was a blueprint I could follow” or “I want to know how so-and-so did it because I want to achieve that level of success. Have these phrases been taking up space in your mind recently? You can spend all day googling “How to…” but I’ll warn you it may lead to analysis paralysis --which is what happens when you are flooded with so much information that it becomes impossible to decide which action to take and so you don’t do anything. What I recommend you do is invest in your business by investing in your education and learn from someone who built a business and has a proven track record. Maybe that means you take an online course or maybe it means you hire a business coach or find yourself a business mentor. Learning from an expert in your field is going to save you time and money and have your business up and running and most importantly, profitable, a whole lot quicker than any how-to article will.

2. Do Your Due Diligence

So you have a great idea --but you are wondering if there really is a need or a market for your great idea? You know at this point you need to do market and competitor research --but every “How to” article you’ve come across is really vague and only gives general information. Here are some tips I have for you: Drive around. You can look online all day but you may not find all the information you need. For example, say you want to open a bougie bakery in the downtown district selling gourmet macaroons. Start driving around to every bakery in your city and take notes: How big is the bakery? What is the seating capacity? What is the interior design/aesthetic of the place? How busy are they at the moment? What is their customer demographic? What are their offerings and prices? What is something unique that they do/offer? What do their customers love about the place (you can check Facebook page reviews, google reviews, yelp)? If you get the chance, maybe ask an employee about how many employees work there, have they been pretty busy? What are their busiest days/times? 3. Determine Your Ideal Customer

Now that you know you have a market for your business idea, it’s time to figure out who you are going to be directing your marketing tactics toward. Based on how you are going to price your offerings, what is the income level of your Ideal Customer (IC)? Why do they choose your bakery over others? What are their interests? Where do they hang out when they aren’t at your bakery? What does your bakery provide or do differently than other bakeries in the area? What kind of lifestyle does your ideal customer lead? Are they into fitness? Are they healthy eaters? Do they enjoy high-end products? Are they looking for more of a comfortable economic solution?

Once you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a course/coach/or mentor, you’ve determined that you have a good idea and a market to sell in, and you know who your target market is, then you can begin to build and design your business.

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