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I'm Franceska McCaughan.

passion curator, chief self officer, inspirationalist, and serial business builder. 


I take women from corporate to self-employed in 90 days so they can have a lifestyle they love!

My Street Credibility

As a serial business builder and self-made entrepreneur, I tend to speak directly and make decisions quickly. I am likely to take charge in a situation and explore worthwhile, effective solutions. My determination and confidence are what makes me a strong leader. Interested if we're the right fit? Keep reading...


My number one strength is problem-solving. That's not something I learned. That's a strength I was born with and have perfected over the years through repetition. I love presenting ideas and strategies to groups of people as well as directing and motivating others to improve their performance. This is what sets me apart as a business mentor.

My goal is to help you take that business idea that's been rollin' around in your head and get started with a clear direction and actionable steps to build your business with confidence so you don't have to fear failure, losing money, disappointing yourself and others, or being judged negatively. 

If you want to design the life you love, you're in the right place.

Lifestyle You Love Business System

Course & Mentorship Program

I'll help you take that creative business idea in your head and turn it into a thriving business by giving you actionable steps to help you get started, build, grow, and overcome mental roadblocks such as fear of failing, losing money, being judged negatively, and feeling like you don't look the part. Start Designing the life you love today.


Free Live Masterclass

How to Design a Business That Gives You a Lifestyle You Love Without Fear

of Losing Money

My promise to you is that you'll walk from this class with no-BS strategies that you'll be able to get started designing a business right away.

The Making of an Entrepreneur Podcast

Savvy Entrepreneur  Advice to Help Get Your Business Off the Ground

Learn from real entrepreneurs how we got our businesses off the ground and all the things we learned along the way that we wish someone would have told us before!

Tune in

Coaching for Creative Entrepreneurs

Because We All Need a Little Help Getting there...

My job is to stop you from selling yourself short with "should" vs. "could". We have all had a million dollar idea - now it's time for you to make it happen.

On The Blog

Newsworthy and Curated Topics More Interesting Than the NY Times

Here's where you will find all the latest happenings in my life and business.  Get tips and worthy business advice, as well as a few of my other favorite things such as luxury, travel, and flowers. 

Popular with the people ...just saying. 

Franceska is a confident, creative, entrepreneur that can help you identify and become aware of points of pain in your journey all while helping you creatively brainstorm.

—Entrepeneur Coaching Client

A few of my favorite things

Tried and True Looks and Products I Love and Actually Use.

From clothing, accessories, and skincare to the favorite tools I use to run my business, take a look inside and shop my favorite fashion, beauty, and business products. 

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