Are you ready to learn how you can grow your floral design business to six-figures?


You're a new designer and you want to learn how to get started (I hear you and I've been there)

You're a designer who is looking to grow your business beyond weddings and/or corporate accounts.

You're a designer who wants to niche down and go from working 7 days a week and never seeing your family to working only 1-day a week without sacrificing any of your sales.

You want to know my exact method for pitching to luxury hotels and brands and landing partnerships so you can do it too.

Hi, I'm Franceska

5 years ago I started my floral design business by investing in a two week course that taught me all about floral design and nothing about growing my business. 


Like most floral designers, I thought weddings would be a good starting point, and then quickly realized that weddings weren't exactly my jam, you know what I mean?


Having a corporate background and loving everything about that world, I branched out and began growing my corporate clients and saw my profits start to grow.

I then decided to niche down further and focus on the type of clients I really love working with: 5-star luxury hotels and luxury retail brands.  And that my friends, is when my revenue began to soar.  


Today, The Hotel Florist offers turn-key solutions for 5-star luxury hotels and luxury brands. If you've read this far, you're probably wondering how I landed those partnerships? 

For a Limited Time

You will be able to get your hands on this game-changing digital guide:

How to Become a Hotel Florist: A Guide on Successfully Pitching and Securing Hotel Floral Contracts



mock-00058 (2).png

How to do your research before pitching


Best Tactics for getting a meeting


What to say that will make you stand out


Real-life examples of problems to solve for the hotel


Best Practices for following up

Lessons I have learned while pitching


How to perfect your pitch


My top tips for upping your pitch game.

Not only will you have access to all the details and the exact method I use to pitch to luxury hotels, but you will also get:


A phone script detailing how to navigate your way to the right person in management.


E-mail templates of my highest converting e-mails for when reaching the right person through the phone isn't possible.


And my Business Development Spread Sheet that I use to keep track of each hotel's specific needs and opportunities.

If you are ready to pivot in your floral business and boost your profits by securing hotel floral contracts then this guide is for you. 

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